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Below are examples of other types of models Serge Roberge builds. Presented below are a sailboat, buildings and facades, and various accessories available with any model. Click on the smaller pictures to enlarge the image.



This is the first boat model built by Serge Roberge. The sail is removable. The boom, centerboard, rudder and tiller are all operational. The display mount was custom designed in a nautical theme (notice the whale tail/bell shaped stands).

The sailboat measures 10"L x 4"W x 20"H. Made from birch, mahogany, yellow cedar, walnut, and maple woods. This model was painted, at the client's request, to match the colour of the original 13' sailboat.


Serge has built several different buildings and building facades. These models show intricate architectual details. Included here are some examples.

  • Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department Hall from the 1930's. This model was built using only historic photographs.
  • Old town building facades with service station and bakery.
  • Service station facade and outhouse building, with trees as a backdrop.


These models are examples of the many different specialty replicas that are available. Specific details can be added to any model to make the replica unique.

The gas pump measures 8.25"H and is made from yew, maple and walnut woods. The tools are made from a variety of woods. The head of the shovel is smaller in size than a dime.

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