Earlier Models

Here is a selection of models made by Serge Roberge pre-1999. All these models are made from only pine wood and are simplier in design and detail compared to Serge's more recent models. Click on the pictures to enlarge image.

Challenger Logging Truck
This model is one of the first models Serge sold. It was built in 1993.
The logging truck measures 30-38"L x 11"W x 16"H. Made from pine wood.

Cletrac Bulldozer
The model is of a circa 1940's Cletrac Bulldozer. Note that the dozer blade lifts by a cable, not hydraulics. The model was built in 1996.

Caterpillar 980C Front-End Loader
Built in 1997. The model is shown with a log grapple attached. This grapple can be removed and replaced with a bucket.

Made from pine wood, the 980C front-end loader measures 21"L x 9"W x 10"H.

Compare this model to the Caterpillar 980B Front-End Loader Serge built in 2004.

Kenworth Self-Loading Logging Truck
This model was made in 1996. The self loading arm is adjustable, and the grapple swivels, opens and closes to hold and load logs onto the truck trailer. The trailer is removable and the stakes fold when not in use. The wheels turn and the cab doors open.

The truck measures 24-36"L x 6.5"W x 10"H and is made from pine wood.

In 2006, Serge built another self-loading logging truck, a Western Star.

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