1995 Peterbilt 379 Truck and Lowbed

Model Details
This truck and lowbed were commissioned along with a Cat 320C Excavator. As with all the truck models, the wheels spin and turn, the doors open, and the engine compartment opens to show the detailed engine (see pictures below).

The truck model measures 21"L x 7"W x 9"H. The lowbed measures 30.5"L x 7"W x 4"H. When the low bed is hooked up to the Peterbilt truck the whole unit is 47" long. The truck is made from walnut, maple, yew, fir, red cedar, yellow cedar, and mahogany, and the lowbed from yellow cedar, walnut, maple, and yew.

Click on the pictures to enlarge image.

At the clients request, Peterbilt stickers where put on this model to add to it's authenticity. Personalized detailing is available for any model.

Tool Storage Compartment
Click on the wheels, axel and tool storage compartment on the lowbed to get detailed images.

Truck and lowbed hauling a Cat 320C Excavator.

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