Caterpillar 14H Grader

Model Details
On the Caterpillar 14H Grader model the wheels pivot and turn and the blade lifts, turns and tilts like the actual grader. The doors open and the hydraulics work. There is a tool compartment in the neck of the grader. As always, there is exceptional detail in the cab of the machine.

The model measures 23"L x 8"W x 9"H. Made from yellow cedar, walnut, alder, yew, maple, and purple heart.

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Cab - CAT 14H Grader

Engine of CAT 14H Grader

Tool compartment - CAT 14H Grader

CAT 14H Grader Detail

The client requested a platform be built for displaying the model. Personalized details can be added to any model.

Platform of CAT 14H Grader

Similar Model
In 2000, Serge built a Champion Grader.

CAT 14H Grader

CAT 14H Grader close-up
CAT 14H Grader front
CAT 14H Grader side view
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