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Welcome to the Roberge Replicas in Wood website, the online home of artist and woodworker Serge Roberge. Serge builds finely detailed wooden models. Enjoy your visit, and we welcome your comments.

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Serge Roberge has a passion, incredible skill and craftmanship, as well as a big dose of patience to build some of the finest wooden models found anywhere. Serge continues to enjoy making models, and has done so for over three decades. Serge's models include logging and mining machines, construction equipment, service vehicles and boats, vintages cars and trucks and even buildings and facades. In recent years, Serge has been making many models for Toys and Joys.

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Featured: Madill 075 Loader with Super Snorkel.

Custom built for a client in 2016, this is a Madill 075 model that measures 35” tall, 11” wide, and from the back of the counterweight to the tip of the snorkel it measures 10’-4”. They call the snorkel a Super Snorkel, and in real life the thing is 120’ long, so can reach to grab logs for quite a ways out. They call that type of logging Cherry Picking.

The woods used are Yellow Cedar, Walnut, Yew, Maple, Mahogany, and Douglas Fir. It took an incredible 814 hours to build this model! There is so much detail inside that you can’t see, it's almost ridiculous, and like all models made by Serge, the model has lots of moving parts. All the drums and pulleys turn, the machine swings side to side, the boom can move up and down, and the tracks are all pinned with dowels so they move as well.

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